Could the “A” Word Be The Reason He Is Not Into You?

Ladies, ladies, ladies, have you been wondering why the intimacy in your relationship has fizzled out? Have you been thinking that maybe just maybe there could be someone else or that he has completely lost interest in you? Well, before you decide to take matters into...

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Tourmaline – have you heard this name before?  Well…, if you haven’t, I think it’s about time you did. Tourmaline in my opinion is what one can call the wonder stone.  I came to this conclusion after observing a demonstration of how just the mere presence of just...

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Alternative (Natural) Medicine is not an Alternative Fact

We have been hearing a lot these days about “Alternative Facts”, however, in this article I would like to focus on something that is both “Alternative” and “Factual” – Alternative Medicine.  Alternative Medicine (includes herbal (natural) medicine and other natural...

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