In the Pursuit of Optimum Health

Peggy Weekes, Author of the book “A Mix of Two Worlds – Nature’s Best from the East and the West for Optimum Health joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Tips to Boost Summer Sales – #1:Socialize to Provide

Summer is well underway and with that rise in temperature often comes a drop in sales. So, how can entrepreneurs and business owners overcome this all-too-common summer slump? To help answer that question, we have reached out to the fantastic contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their best tips for boosting summer sales. Their answers are presented below in no particular order.

Alternative (Natural) Medicine is not an Alternative Fact

We have been hearing a lot these days about “Alternative Facts”, however, let us focus on something that is both “Alternative” and “Factual” – Alternative Medicine. Alternative Medicine, including herbal/natural medicine and other natural modalities, is an amazing and effective solution in addressing the growing number of health-related concerns we are experiencing today.

On Menopause – Let’s Talk

Why do we talk about sex, losing weight, fashion, diets, mental health, but seldom ever talk about the one thing that will affect over 1.1 billion women by 2025? Given the world’s aging population, it has been estimated that by 2025, women all over the world will be at one stage or another in menopause.

Twelve minute Convos with Peggy Weekes

Peggy Weekes, author of the upcoming book ‘A Mix of Two Worlds: Nature’s Best from the East and the West for Optimum Health’ spoke with Engel Jones on his podcast “12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones” and allowed us to get to know more about her book, her life and why she has chosen to this path.