When a poet and king once sang, “Our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made oh God”, they knew what they were saying. One of the most wonderful things that our bodies can do – is heal itself. We may need intervention from time to time, but the body when treated right, has the ability to correct itself. Often, all it takes is to listen to what the body is telling us.

In order to facilitate the healing process, our bodies may need a little help in the form of natural medicine. However, most of us tend to stay away from natural medicine because what we do not understand how and why it works so we tend to reject it. Too often, it would seem that many people think that whatever cannot be explained by scientific methods – will not work.

In the ancient world, our forebears recognized that there were only two kinds of plants, one which could be used for food and the other for healing. In the eastern cultures, natural methods have been the basis for healing.

When we learn to listen to what the body is telling us, we can use natural medicine to help the healing process so that we can have time to enjoy more of life.